Two Pennies Ministry

Chilson Hills

A Message from Pastor D.J. Reed

As a part of our Lenten discipline, we are encouraging everyone to engage in the daily/weekly discipline of “sparing and sharing.”  In other words we challenge each church member to give up (“spare”) something they value and then they give away (“share”) the value of their sacrifice.
We encourage them to give up a cup of coffee, a movie rental, a soft drink, a lunch, a breakfast, a pack of cigarettes, a snack or any other product or item that they enjoy and then give the value of that item to “Two Pennies” Ministry.
So, if they give up a $2 cup of coffee, we encourage them bring it with them on Sunday morning and give it as an offering.  They can make this amount as large or as small as you see fit.  Last year we raised over $1,700 for water filters in East Africa – our goal this year is to raise $2,000 for the newly purchased chickens for the orphanage.
As a visual, we invite the church members to put their “sacifice” in a large water cooler jug and then take a handful of feed corn and place it in another jug.
We are also encouraging our church members to give up eggs for breakfast or chicken for lunch or dinner and then bring those items in to the food cart in the Lobby.  The eggs and chickens will be taken to a local food pantry.

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The Two Pennies Ministry "footprint" has been steadily increasing over the past few years. We are centered in the Cape Coast Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Cape Coast, Ghana

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