Maternity Ward in Akim Kwameng


Join us in our life-changing work!

The foundation of the maternity ward can be seen to the right of the medical clinic in this picture. The villagers are attempting to build a residence for the midwife and nurse on the left.

While the Medical Clinic in Akim Kwameng was finished in the Spring of 2019, one of the main concerns for the people of the village and surrounding area was the lack of proper facilities for a maternity ward. The medical clinic serves not only the people in the village but a wide circumference of villages.  Besides treating people for malaria, the second biggest concern pertains to babies born in the vicinity. Each year, between 700-800 babies are born the Kwameng area.  With little more than basic medical equipment, the nurse can only check for vitals and perform wellness checks.  If there is anything seriously wrong, the mother and child must travel hours over rough and sometimes nearly impassable roads to get to the nearest hospital.  Many infants and mothers haven't survived the journey. The government has promised a full-time midwife for the community if a maternity ward is built. In the winter and spring of 2019, the students at Sycamore Trails Elementary School in Bartlett, Illinois decided to take up the cause to build the medical clinic as a gift to the community of Akim Kwameng.  They hosted a clothing drive, sold t-shirts and hosted an online auction to raise money.  By May of the same year, they had raised over $12,000 to build this structure. Our partner Edward Tarbi began organizing the work in early September of 2019 and the work continues. It is so exciting to see the generosity of our youth. We will post regular updates here.

The work as it stands on October 2, 2019.

The villagers carry loads of soil to help fill in the foundation of the maternity ward so that a floor can be poured. They have workdays when the whole village is required to lend a hand.

After cutting the boards, they need to be sprayed to prevent insect infestation.

Putting up the roof.


The roofing material going up!

Door frames and windows going in!

The medical clinic with the maternity ward, and nurses residence going up!

UPDATE: October 2020 The fundraiser for the maternity ward and medical clinic is complete.  We are so happy to announce that they are both completely finished and in full use.  The congregation at First Baptist Church of Elgin, Illinois raised funds for the main structure of the Medical Clinic.  Sycamore Trails Elementary in Bartlett, Illinois raised funds for the Maternity ward and Two Pennies provided support to the community to complete the nurse's residence.  We are so excited to see the impact this is already making in the community.  Thank you so much for all who participated!

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  • Jennifer Lindquist says:

    What joy these pictures and the article bring to my soul to think that students half a world away care enough for unborn babies and expectant mamas to have this maternity ward built.

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