Through our travels in Ghana, we were certainly came face to face with a wide variety of need.  We witnessed orphanages struggling to make ends meet, people facing dead ends, and partially completed buildings – abandoned.  The people of Ghana are hungry for opportunities those of us in the developed world take for granted.

We have too many projects to possibly handle ourselves.  Our ministry seeks to provide opportunities for those in need.  This isn’t a one way street though.  It is tremendous what happens when people give of themselves and invest in individuals.  We believe in the power of personal connections.  When people take an interest in others and following Christ in his example, we see transformation.We have undertaken churches, schools, libraries and orphanages.  We also will be taking Two Pennies Journeys in the future to make long term connections with people in Ghana.

Follow the Two Pennies Ministry as we begin posting projects we currently have undertaken and ventures we hope to adopt.  Better yet, join us in providing a game-changing opportunity for someone half a world away.