Continuing to Grow

Last month we explained the trials that we are facing with our work in Ghana.  Rising prices due to inflation and supply chain issues have affected the people in that country in unexpected ways.  For many, it has been devastating.  This makes our work in Ghana that much more important.  The twenty people working at our mill rely on their jobs to help them survive these difficult times.  In the face of this adversity, we continue to press forward with the hope God has set for us. 

Our Future Training Center – October 2022

Pictured above is the beginning of our new training center.  By January, we are hoping to have the first stage of this center complete.  When the center is complete, we will be using it to train individuals in a variety of trades – providing them with means to earn an income that does not rely upon solely farming.  When people have a marketable skill, it means that they can start their own business, plan for the future, and provide for their families. Right now, the only business in the village (or anywhere nearby), is the Two Pennies Cassava and Garri Mill.  As you walk down main street, nearly all the vendors are selling food that they have grown or made themselves.  A few individuals have started small shops where you can purchase minutes for mobile phones, and there is a local seamstress who can make school uniforms.  That’s all you’ll find in Akim Kwameng in the way of businesses. To get an idea of what the main part of the village looks like, take a look at the video below. We took this on our Journey in June of 2021.

A tour of Akim Kwamang

We have a lot to learn in the next several years, but we are incredibly humbled at the task God has put before us.  Our small ministry is being used in ways that many (much larger) non-profits are only just starting to experiment with.