The difference we make

Sometimes the work that we do is difficult to measure.  We are literally producing tons of garri each month, but are we making a difference in people’s lives?  Are we being ambassadors of Christ with those we are employing through our mill?  Are we treating our workers as Christ would – with dignity and respect? 

In our June Journey, we had the privilege of meeting Selena and Enoch (pictured below). Before they started working at our mill, they lived in a one-room home with their five children and they all slept on the dirt floor.  As a cocoa farmer, Enoch earned money once a year (about $400 US).  They fought often about money and struggled to make things work.  Since they began working at the mill, they have been able to pour a concrete floor for their home, purchase beds for everyone in the family, bring electricity into the home, and even buy a television.  Enoch works as one of our harvesters in the field and Selena is one of our top flyers (the women who toast the cassava into garri). They continue working hard every day and praise God for the opportunity to make a living.  As we continue to grow, we pray that workers like Selena and Enoch help spread our message of Love and Hope.