We have Eggs!

Last fall First Baptist Church pulled together and raised money to restock the chicken farm at Countryside Orphanage in Bawjiase, Ghana.  Chicken houses were disinfected, repairs were made, workers were rehired and finally a thousand chickens were donated.  We celebrated when we received the first pictures of the chicks and followed their progress eagerly as they were immunized and cared for.  Then Gumboro destroyed over 80% of the chickens before they even had begun to produce eggs.

Watch the video if you haven’t seen it.

Although only 128 chickens survived the virus, we can celebrate now that these survivors (who never acquired Gumboro), have begun to produce eggs.  In the last week the first half-dozen eggs were collected and everything checks out fine.

Finally - it begins to pay off!

They are experienced poultry farmers and they are excited because they know that the flood of eggs has just begun.

The Orphanage has also received shipment of the next 500 chickens.  Precautions have been taken to insure that these chickens will not be infected by any disease.  We have paid for the service of a veterinarian to keep a close eye on the chickens.  He will be making weekly visits.  The newest batch will also be divided in half – 250 in one house – 250 in another, to reduce the risk of contamination.

We are excited to see how God is at work – even when it don’t follow our schedule.  We will be sending the donation from Chilson Hills Church in Howell, Michigan to provide the needed feed for these chicks in the next week.  It’s awesome to see how brothers and sisters in the U.S. band together to support brothers and sisters in God’s greater kingdom!