One Week Medical Fundraiser

Text from video:

Over the last six years, Two Pennies Ministry has partnered with the people of Ghana to do some amazing work. And Whether it was building a library, providing lunches for school children, or building a new home for a struggling orphanage, we’ve made ministering to Children one of our top priorities.

Because your generosity, we’ve also been able to provide a number of surgeries for children in need.  For the next week we will be having a online fundraiser to support the operations and medical devices that these children need.  Victoria needs new shoes and braces, Bernard needs an operation and Aaron needs significant eye surgery and a prosthetic.  (More information following the link.

If you can help support us in this cause, know that every penny will be used for these medical expenses and for other children like them in Ghana.  Just click on the link below to donate.

Thank you for being a part of this life changing ministry.

Together we make a difference.

The cost for each of the children is as follows:

Aaron: $500 – eye removal surgery.  $200 – artificial eye  $ 50 glasses

Victoria:$75 for new shoes and braces

Bernard: Needs at least two more operations with costs that are not fixed at the moment.  To learn more about Bernard – read here. Our Journey with Bernard.