Prayer for the Week

This week we are praying for Aboagye, our Two Pennies representative in Ghana.  Aboagye has worked tirelessly on our behalf.  He has taken pictures, arranged for the purchase of 1,000 chicks and has traveled to the orphanage 4 times for us!  This is a journey of over 3 hours each way.  Aboagye is married to Lydia, Moses Kofie’s sister.  When Moses and I first traveled to Ghana in August, he was invaluable to us.  He devoted himself to making sure our trip was effective.  As Kevin, Ben and I prepare to travel to Ghana in March, Aboagye will be our guide.

Please join us in prayer for him and his family.  He has four children of his own, and a full time job teaching, yet is working many hours to labor with us in furthering God’s Kingdom through the Two Pennies Ministry.

I look forward to praying with you.

Jim Reed

Below is a picture of Aboagye and his wife Lydia.

One Comment

  • John k. Arthur says:

    Nice work by Mr Aboagye and his family I play that the almighty God bless you and your family for the good work you are doing for the children and the country, God richly bless you the more for the work you are doing.