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  • Prayer for the Week


    Our Journey in July This week please join us in prayer for the upcoming Two Pennies Journey in July.  There are many things that we hope to accomplish on our trip and it all requires planning.  We have a medical team that would like to do wellness checks and health care training.  We have purchased […]

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  • Life with Significance

    Care mother and toddler orphan

    Every life has significance.  From the Chilean boy living in squalor to the billionaire cruising in his yacht, we were all paid for by the same blood.  Christ died for all.  We cannot earn more significance by “being good” or refraining from evil, but we certainly can honor God by following his commandments.  And what […]

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  • Journey – Days 3 & 4

    The Children at Countryside Orphanage

    Day 3 The third day of our Journey was spent entirely at Countryside Orphanage.  Kevin, Ben and I spent our time doing interviews for a video Alighted Lantern is producing for the orphanage.  It also gave us the opportunity to extensively tour the facility. Countryside Orphanage Over the course of our interviews we discovered that […]

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  • Journey Days 1 & 2

    Myera school children

    Our Journey I have been asked by several people to give a brief account of the Two Pennies Journey to Ghana this spring.  I have decided to do this in a series of four blogs that will each cover two days of our journey.  I hope this gives you an idea of how we progressed […]

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  • Opportunity


    Opportunity. The latest trip to Ghana taught me something.  I learned that the people of that beautiful country aren’t looking for money or support, and certainly not pity.  They are looking for opportunity.  At the orphanages they want the opportunity to support themselves and not have to rely on outside help.  At the schools they […]

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  • Two Pennies Journey

    partially constructed library in Myora, Ghana

    We were also astounded by the need we found. From libraries stalled in mid-construction, to churches without buildings and orphans low on supplies, there was obvious need.  There was a simplistic faith that we were able to learn from and it was humbling to see how they counted us the answer to their prayers.  We […]

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The Two Pennies Ministry "footprint" has been steadily increasing over the past few years. We are centered in the Cape Coast Region of Ghana, West Africa.

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