Abbakrama Church

The second day of work.

In 2012, a team of three men from First Baptist Church in Elgin took a Journey to document the work that Two Pennies had done in providing a poultry farm for an orphanage.  During that trip the had the privilege to meet the members of the Abbakrampa Apostolic Church. The church had been meeting together for 25 in a local schoolroom.  They informed the team that the government was going to stop allowing them to meet at their school and that they would need to find a new place to meet.
The team went back to First Baptist and the church raised $12,000 to build a new church.  Not only that, they sent a team of workers in December of 2012 to build the church alongside Ghanaian laborers and members of the church.  In nine days the team took a building from footings to and a finished structure, concluding with a worship service on Sunday morning led by a grateful church.

Worship on the last day in Ghana.

Getting near the end!

Since that time, the church has doubled attendance and has been the host site for three pastor's conferences led jointly by members of the First Baptist Church and other local pastors.  It will be exciting to see what future fruits will be gleaned from this project.

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