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The nearest current water source for the maternity ward.

After a successful campaign in funding the construction of a maternity ward in the village of Akim Kwameng, Sycamore Trails is going to be raising funds for a borehole for the maternity ward and medical clinic.  When the ward is completed, it will be in dire need of a clean water source to bring water into the clinic.  The nearby stream has been polluted by illegal mining in the area and the nearest well is nearly a mile down the road.  Villagers have been pitching in by carrying water from this well to the clinic, but it takes valuable time and effort to do so.  As the clinic becomes busier, demand for water will make this a nearly impossible task to keep up.  A borehole will provide a dedicated source of water for the clinic and maternity ward making it much more useful for mothers and their newborns. Funding for this project will begin in December of 2019.  It is being spearheaded by the students in 6th grade IGNITE classrooms of Mr. Reed and Mr. Gilbert.  All donations are completely tax-deductible and 100% will go to the digging of the borehole and installation of the pump.

Representatives from the entire district celebrating the opening of the Medical Clinic and Maternity Ward in October 2020.

Update: We are so happy to announce that the borehole is complete and in use.  This means that the medical clinic and maternity ward have a consistent, reliable and nearby source of water.  We cannot stress how important this is to the entire community.  Thank you to all who donated to Sycamore Trails Borehole campaign!  

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