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  • We have Eggs!

    Finally - it begins to pay off!

    Last fall First Baptist Church pulled together and raised money to restock the chicken farm at Countryside Orphanage in Bawjiase, Ghana.  Chicken houses were disinfected, repairs were made, workers were rehired and finally a thousand chickens were donated.  We celebrated when we received the first pictures of the chicks and followed their progress eagerly as […]

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  • Thoreau’s Indian and Honoring God

    Reflections from Walden I recently was reading Walden, by Henry David Thoreau and came across a story which struck me as familiar.  As he often tells stories about his time at Walden to illustrate life’s many intricacies, I thought it fitting to use one of his stories as an allegory for how I see us […]

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  • Staying Power – Part III

    The need is never ending.

    Our Focus – Our Commitment In my first post in this series, I discussed the questions of the issue of a ministry  staying relevant or current in today’s fast moving and quickly changing culture.  In my next post, I identified that I think the problem lies within us and our focus.  I will wrap this […]

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  • Staying Power – Part II

    The Problem We are a distracted people.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a problem watching commercials.  It doesn’t matter how important the show, or sporting event, I will almost always compulsively reach for the remote when a commercial break comes.  I have missed game winning touchdowns, season finales and key moments […]

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  • Staying Power – Part I

    The Questions I have found that one of the greatest challenges to ministry is staying power.  In today’s fast moving age of computers  and instant communication, it is the newest and fastest moving things that get the most attention.  The prime example we have of this is television.  The hottest shows on television are often […]

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  • Why Give?

    The smallest sacrifice can mean so much

    When to give? Heavens knows we have plenty to save for. When you are a child, you really don’t have any money, at least the lemonade stand doesn’t bring enough in to give any away.  As you reach adolescence you could give money away, but what would you do when it came time to buy […]

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  • Working hard for Survival

    Work in Ghana

    I mentioned in an earlier post how we witnessed people working hard for survival in Ghana, and my thoughts have consistently gone back to that over the past several weeks.  There is a tendency to think that here in the United States we work hard for a living and that we understand the concept of hard […]

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